What is a pump track?

    A continuous loop of smooth dirt rounds that you ride without pedaling.

    Riders create momentum via up and down body movements called pumping.  The course appeals to all ages and is a great way to learn bicycle handling skills. 

    Where is the pump track planned to be?

    The pump track is planned near the playground at the Birdwood Oval. 

    Who will the track be for?

    The Birdwood Park Committee and AHC want to provide a pump track which is accessible and inclusive for a range of ages and abilities. Because the features are all variations of rollable mounds, courses are beginner friendly, with riders of all ages and skill levels able to safely navigate the course. 

    As riders advance and acquire bike control, they are able to generate and maintain increased momentum and flow through the track at higher speeds.  

    What's the project budget?

    The Birdwood Committee have been awarded through the State Government $30,000 to develop a local pump track to compliment the upgraded play space. This pump track is not intended to be a state or regional facility and its purpose is for the community. 

    What will be built?

    The budget for this project is to be used solely to build the track and not on any other amenities for the pump track. Not included are associated services such as seating or lighting.