What is the Project Background?

    In April 2016, Parliament passed the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 (SA) (PDI Act) to implement a new planning system to replace the current system under the Development Act 1993 (SA).

    Some of the key changes to the Planning and Development system will include:

    ·  Establishment of the State Planning Commission as the state's independent, principal planning body

    ·  Release of a Community Engagement Charter that aims to provide a more flexible, effective and meaningful framework for engagement

    ·  The creation of a Planning and Design Code that will become the State's single planning rule book, replacing the existing 72 Council-specific Development Plans

    ·  Establishment of a professional accreditation scheme for planners and building surveyors

    ·  Delivery of an online planning portal as a one-stop-shop for planning information and the lodging and assessment of development applications

    The new PDI Act will be implemented in stages over the next three to five years, but the Planning and Design Code must be activated by 1 July, 2020.

    The Adelaide Hills Council will continue to assess development applications and undertake strategic planning under the current planning system until the transition to the new legislation is complete.

    How will consultation take place on the new planning system?

    The Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) have been working hard to consult the broader community on the new planning system.

    They will lead the process and partner with councils to do several things including; regular communications, events, drop in sessions, community panels and information sessions.

    We recommend that you sign up for DPTI newsletters to ensure you get the latest information and invitations to attend DPTI lead events.

    In Addition, Council have elected to host four Community Forum and Q&A events during the consultation period. Details of which will be released shortly.

    What will ePlanning mean for the community?

    “The ePlanning system will open up the world of planning to the community” – DPTI

    From late 2019 community members can search a property and see at a glance what policies apply to their land and what development permits may or may not be required for various types of development.

    This will be accessible 24/7 and will allow applications to be lodged and their progress monitored in real time.

    Lots more information will be available in the coming months about ePlanning.

    Why did we need to reform the planning system?

    The current planning system is over 25 years old and in 2014, an independent review of the planning system initiated by the State Government took place. It identified major flaws in the current planning system and the need for sector wide reforms.

    Will the Adelaide Hills Development Plan be decommissioned under the new planning system?

    Yes, all council Development Plans will be decommissioned under the new planning system.

    The new Planning and Design Code will replace Development Plans and will apply consistent planning policy and zoning across the state.

    DPTI and Council will be talking a lot more about what this means for local communities over the coming 12 months