Tree Removal Works - Paracombe Oval Play Space

As a result of the recent storm event that occurred in November, multiple mature trees within the Paracombe play space area have been extensively damaged. Council has undertaken detailed tree assessments of three Monterey cypress trees (Cupressus macrocarpa) situated to the south-western side of the play space area. As a result of these assessments, significant structural defects have been identified within two of the three trees. Due to limited pruning options being available, two of the trees require complete removal. Unfortunately, the third tree now also requires complete removal due to its reduced ability to endure high wind events as a result of the sudden loss of protection previously received from the neighbouring trees.

When will works commence and the play space re-open?

Works are scheduled to commence on Thursday 15th December and will be completed by COB Friday 16th of December. The play space will be reopened to the public upon completion of the works. Throughout the duration of the works, access to the Hall and Oval facilities will be maintained.

Why do these trees need to be removed?

These trees are significantly damaged and compromised. They pose an increased risk of falling over the play space area, where people gather and play. Council is responsible for people's safety and committed to ensuring risks associated with trees are maintained to an acceptable level.

Why can’t we just prune the trees and they will grow back?

Unfortunately, Cypress trees when pruned do not have the ability to regenerate and form new tree canopies. Without this ability, the play space will receive limited shading during summer periods. The removal and planting of new trees will enable the development of larger more sustainable trees that will provide long term benefits to the community for future generations.

What will you replant and when?

Adelaide Hills Council will work with the Paracombe Recreation Ground Committee on replanting numerous advanced trees during the winter period of 2023. Consideration will be given to the best type of tree species, including those which will provide maximum shade to play space users and also compliments and improves the amenity of the site.

Further Information:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Senior Arborist Damian Brennan on 0447 401 183.

We apologise for any inconvenience that these works may cause.

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