What's included in the upgrade?

    $215,000, (plus up to $17,000 for a picnic shelter), is allocated to upgrade the play space. This will include site preparation and landscaping, and the remaining costs will be on play space elements such as play equipment, seating, and possibly signage.


    What's not included in the upgrade?

    Elements such as parking, public toilets, bbq areas, fencing, a shade sail over the play space or lighting are not included. 

    Will there be a drop in session so I can talk to someone in person?

    We feel this is not necessary as we will be targeting stakeholders, and we are offering a variety of ways in which the community can provide their ideas. 

    What's the budget for the project?

    $215,000 is the maximum budget (plus up to $17,000 for a picnic shelter). This needs to be split between site preparation works and play equipment. 

    Who should share their ideas and thoughts?

    We welcome all feedback. Council is inviting comment from all park users such as local residents, key community groups, local schools and childcare centers. Parents, grandparents and carers who may take children to the play space are welcome.

    How can I provide my feedback/input?

    • Provide your feedback quickly and easily via the feedback form below.
    • Email: engage@ahc.sa.gov.au
    • Phone: 8408 0400
    • Mail: Community Engagement, 63 Mount Barker Road, Stirling SA 5152
    • Collect a hardcopy feedback form from any AHC Library or Customer Service Centre at Gumeracha, Stirling or Woodside

    When will construction start?

    Community consultation will be undertaken in 2023 and construction will start in 2024. We'll keep you posted. 

    How long will it take to construct the play space?

    It's expected it will take about 3-4 months to construct the new play space (weather dependent).

    What happens to the existing equipment?

    Due to the responsibilities council has in keeping the community safe, it is necessary that we decommission and dispose of the existing playground equipment.