Why should I do this survey?

    Completing this survey will give us valuable staff feedback on how you are using the system and the priority improvements we should focus on.

    It will also allow us to compare against the 2014 survey to see if the work we've done since then has benefited you and teams across Council

    Will my information be identifiable?

    There is an option in the survey for you to include your name if you're happy for it to be linked to your responses. This will be helpful to understand where we need to focus our efforts, eg. in delivering training.

    If you wish to remain anonymous then leave this blank.

    Also, if you wish to enter the prize for completing the survey then you will need to provide your email address. This will not be cross-referenced against your survey responses (unless you have provided your name separately as above).

    Who should answer the survey?

    All staff can answer the survey.