When will damaged roads, drains, signs etc be fixed?

    Council is collecting this information and will prioritise infrastructure repair and replacement. The most urgent issues will be addressed as a priority.

    Where do I go for help regarding agriculture and livestock ?

    Livestock assistance on private property: PIRSA, 8226 0995
    Livestock assistance on roads: SA Police, 131 444
    Deceased animal / stock management and disposal advice: PIRSA Agriculture and Animal Services hotline, 1800 255 556

    What do I do if I find injured wildlife?

    If you come across an injured animal, please contact SAVEM (South Australian Veterinary Emergency Management) on 0477 055 233 for assistance.

    SAVEM is the only coordinating agency for injured animals during emergencies.

    Can I access support for taking waste from clean up to the dump?

    Community members affected by the Cherry Gardens Fire are entitled to free tip vouchers that allow for waste removal to the Heathfield Resource Recovery Centre. Vouchers will be valid for 12 months from date of issue. Please call our team on 8408 0400 to request this service.

    What should I do if there is asbestos on my property or a neighbour's property that has been damaged?

    To cause a health risk asbestos fibres must be of a sufficiently small size and inhaled in sufficient quantities to cause a risk to human health. Analysis of dust, debris and airborne fibres after a fire has been extinguished has found that although bundles of asbestos fibres are present within the debris and ash, there is little evidence of loose, respirable-sized asbestos fibres beyond typical background levels.

    For more information:
    Asbestos removalists | Asbestos.sa.gov.au
    Managing Asbestos Waste After a Bushfire (greenindustries.sa.gov.au)

    Can I take the wood of cleared trees from the side of the road?

    We do not encourage the collection of fire wood from Council land (including verges) due to potential hazards and liability.

    How can I support a child after a fire?

    Bushfires affect children and young people in different ways. Some may show distress, or they may ask many questions and appear preoccupied with the event. Some of these reactions may appear immediately but others may not show themselves for weeks or months.

    Some things you can do:

    • Monitor how much your child is being exposed to television and social media stories about the fires. Children can be distressed by watching repeated images. Explain to them that news reports will repeat images and stories and it may not be a good idea to keep watching.- Find out what your child’s understanding of the event is and correct misunderstandings or confusion.

    • Include your child in making plans for the future.

    • Support your child to stay connected to friends.

    • Keep to your regular routines and activities as much as possible.

    Who can I contact for media enquiries?

    For media enquiries please send your request through to comms@ahc.sa.gov.au or call 8404 0400

    Where can I access the latest information about bushfires in my District?

    The CFS website has the most up to date information about active bushfires