Rates and Revaluation

    What's happening regarding revaluation of property for those affected by the Cudlee Creek Bushfire?

    The Office of the Valuer-General has revalued properties affected by the Cudlee Creek bushfires and instructed Land Services SA (LSSA) to amend capital values for the current financial year. The Office of the Valuer-General committed to revaluate any property damage brought about by the Cudlee Creek bushfire, where the value has been materially diminished. However, Council has received valuation adjustments to over 600 properties including some that have received less significant damage.

    What does the revaluation mean for my rates?

    Some properties have received a significant revaluation while others have received a small reduction in the capital value (CV) of their property.  Rates currently outstanding have been adjusted by Council using the revised valuation from the date of the fire (20 December 2019) to 30 June 2020. This adjustment does not impact on the Fixed Charge component of rates as this is not calculated using the Capital Value

    What is happening if my rate is reduced by more than $30?

    From 11 May 2020 letters have been sent to ratepayers where revaluation of their property has resulted in a reduction of their rates of more than $30. You may decide to:

    • Deduct the credit amount when you pay your outstanding rates account (the revised amount is indicated in the letter)
    • Receive the credit amount against your account with the effect of reducing your future payments
    • If you have already paid your rate instalment in full you may seek a credit by calling our rates team on 8408 0400.

    If a refund has not been requested, you will have received a credit amount against your Quarter 1 balance for 2020/21.

    Where do I go for help regarding Agriculture and Livestock ?

    PIRSA: 1800 931 314 - www.pir.sa.gov.au

    Livestock SA: (08) 8297 2299 - https://livestocksa.org.au

    Where can I find more information about Volunteering?

    Contact Volunteering SA&NT: 1300 135 545 or visit www.volunteeringsa.org.au

    How can I support a child after a fire?

    Bushfires affect children and young people in different ways. Some may show distress, or they may ask many questions and appear preoccupied with the event. Some of these reactions may appear immediately but others may not show themselves for weeks or months.

    Some things you can do:

    • Monitor how much your child is being exposed to television and social media stories about the fires. Children can be distressed by watching repeated images. Explain to them that news reports will repeat images and stories and it may not be a good idea to keep watching.- Find out what your child’s understanding of the event is and correct misunderstandings or confusion.

    • Include your child in making plans for the future.

    • Support your child to stay connected to friends.

    • Keep to your regular routines and activities as much as possible.

    Where can I find more information about Waste Management?

    Visit Council's Waste for Cudlee Creek Fire Recovery page for answers to many commonly asked questions. 

    Can I burn my green waste?

    Residents must review the ‘Burning in the open’ information on Council’s website to determine whether or not a Burning Permit is required. 

    For uncured green waste from trees felled as a result of the recent Cudlee Creek Bushfire, residents have the following options:

    1. Store/pile up the green waste in a safe location on your property away from any houses or other buildings on the site or neighbouring properties to allow it to cure over the winter period ready for burning off prior to the start of the next bushfire season in November/December 2020.
    2. Remove uncured green waste and take it to the next Council Free Green Waste Drop of Day on Saturday 13 June 2020 in Gumeracha, Woodside or Heathfield.
    3. Compost your uncured green waste and use it on your garden at a later date
    4. If you have a green waste kerbside bin, then use this to dispose of as much of the uncured green waste as you can.

    If you have any queries in this regard, then please contact Council’s Fire Prevention Officers on 8408-0400.

    My property was affected by the fire, what do I need to do?

    Click here for a fact sheet with an overview of what you need to know in regards to planning and development if your property has been affected by the fire.

    Click here to download an application form to view or copy plans and building reports held by Council.