I don't live in Rostrevor, Woodforde and Hamilton Hill can I still complete the survey?

    We'd really like to hear from those in the proposed boundary change zone (Rostrevor, Woodforde and Hamilton Hill). You are still able to complete the survey but please provide your address so we can determine which part of the council area you are from. 

    What's the last day I can provide feedback?

    The last day for feedback is Sunday 8 December. Please submit your survey before this date.

    I'm a tenant, should I still complete the survey?

    Yes, we are asking anyone living or working in the Adelaide Hills Council Suburbs of Rostrevor and Woodforde to have their say. 

    I didn't get a hard copy survey, how can I get one?

    Call our customer service team and they will send one to you 8408 0400 or email engagement@ahc.sa.gov.au Did you know you can complete the survey online from this website?

    My information pack lists my Annual Council Rates in rates against the dollar, is this correct?

    The rate listed was in cents. We've converted it to dollars for you below:

    AHC’s rating structure consists of a Fixed Charge of $662 and a Rate in the Dollar against Capital Value of 0.002469

    CCC’s rating structure consists of a Minimum Rate of $984 and a Rate in the Dollar against Capital Value of 0.003050.

    Why can Campbelltown City Council make this Boundary Change Proposal?

    A new legislative process regarding boundary changes came into effect from 1 January 2019. The new process allows any council to make a Boundary Change Proposal submission to the Boundaries Commission. Information regarding Campbelltown City Council’s proposal should be available on their website: www.campbelltown.sa.gov.au 

    What does the new Planning and Design Code mean if the boundary change proposal was to proceed?

    The new P&D Code being developed by the State Government will replace all council development plans. The new Code means that planning policy will be standardised across council boundaries (this includes AHC and CCC). Any changes to zonings in either council district after 1 July 2020 would require public consultation as well as Ministerial approval.

    For further information about specific development controls applicable under the proposed P&D Code, please contact the P&D Code Free Hotline on 1800 318 102, or review the new P&D Code at saplanningportal.sa.gov.au.

    What happens to development applications submitted before 1 July 2020?

    The current planning rules will stay the same before 1 July 2020. Any planning application submitted before that time will be assessed under the current planning rules.

    How can I know more about planning and development?

    Take a look at the information pack we have complied (accessed from the document library). Page 6 has more information about the difference between Campbelltown City Council and Adelaide Hills Council. This is a basic comparison, if you are interested in learning more about the SA Planning Reform please come along to our free Information Session:

    Planning and Design Code Information Session 

    Wednesday 27 November 2019 | 6:30pm - 8:00pm Kelty Theatre, Rostrevor College Register: planning-forum-woodforde.eventbrite.com.au or call 8408 0400

    Who is the final decision maker of the Boundary Change Proposal?

    At the conclusion of its investigation, the Boundaries Commission will prepare a public report that includes its recommendations. Following the publication of the public report, the Minister for Local Government will make a final decision. It’s unknown at this stage how long this process will take. We will however keep you informed about progress at key milestones.

    How many residences are likely to be affected by the Boundary Change Proposal?

    There are current 573 properties that are within the proposed Boundary Review area that have the potential to move from the Adelaide Hills Council to Campbelltown City Council. Of these properties 133 are in Rostrevor and 440 are in Woodforde. These properties currently contribute $1.16 million in rates to Adelaide Hills Council. It should also be noted that there are a further 240 properties expected to be added to Woodforde as the Hamilton Hill development is progressed, and as such total rate revenue is anticipated to rise to approximately $1.60 million.

    What could I expect if the boundaries change?

    In the short term you will see no changes. Both councils will continue to operate as usual. Should the boundary change proposal go ahead sometime in the future the rules, regulations, policies and services that apply to properties in the Adelaide Hills Council area will cease to apply and the requirements of Campbelltown City Council will apply. This might involve planning and building, animal management, activities on council land and roads, signage, parking and waste management. It is likely there will be a transition period.

    What engagement has happened to date?

    Residents of Woodforde and Rostrevor attended a community information session on Tuesday 3 September to learn about the review process, speak with AHC staff and ask important questions. 

    The summary of the meeting notes, as well as copies of the presentation and fact sheet from the meeting, are available in the document library on this web page.

    Can Adelaide Hills Council provide a submission on behalf of rate-payers as part of the process?

    As part of the legislated process, Adelaide Hills Council does not have an opportunity to provide a formal submission to the Boundaries Commission during Stage 2. Adelaide Hills Council can make representations to Campbelltown City Council however they are not bound to accept or use these in their submission.

    What will be Adelaide Hills Council’s extent of support to stay if community say they do not want the boundary to change? Will Council listen to community support?

    Adelaide Hills’ position, as adopted in the Strategic Plan, is to work with our neighbouring councils and stakeholders to ensure Council boundaries best serve our communities. To this end Adelaide Hills will present the views of the community when it has the opportunity if the proposal progresses to an Investigation by the Boundaries Commission.

    What is the grant benefit of the boundary change of a highly populated area?

    Adelaide Hills Council would receive less financial assistance grant (FAG) funding if there was a boundary change.

    Is there a right to appeal a decision in the Boundary Commission process?

    There is not a lot of detail as this legislation is so new. The decision remains with the Minister and the guidelines do not define an appeals process. This is the first boundary change proposal so this Campbelltown initiated process is a test case. We assume that representations from the public regarding a proposal can be raised with the Minister, the regard that the Minister would give to these is not known.

    Can the State Government override any zone changes by Campbelltown Council?

    Yes it can, the final decision lies with Minister for Planning.

    How many properties are at Hamilton Hill?

    Once complete the Hamilton Hill development will have 240 houses.

    What protection has been put in place for national park area?

    Morialta Conservation Park is State Government owned and there is no known intention of developing this land. Any development in the hills face zone is considered non-complying and must go through a rigorous assessment process.

    How can I contact Campbelltown City Council?

    Campbelltown City Council:
    • Email: mail@campbelltown.sa.gov.au
    • Phone: 8366 9222
    • Post: Campbelltown Council PO Box 1, Campbelltown SA 5074